Our initial goal was to create a web scraper that could determine how ethical the websites we visit are. We decided to familiarize ourselves with google extensions and the implementation of HTML and Javascript, to build our confidence when building a project such as the one we initially wanted to do.

What it does

Swapper is a google chrome extension that allows users to interact with web pages. The extension provides an interface where users can change words and pictures of their choice. Swapper takes in a word that the user wants to change and then outputs the user's desired output. Swapper also is able to replace the images on a webpage with the input of an image URL from the user.

How we built it

We built this project by starting off independently exploring different methods and applications of web scraping with chrome extensions. On the second day of the project, we all came together and came up with a fun extension that we all want to continue developing in our free time. Our main goal was to learn a new skill and this project gives us a place to start and a place where we can all work together or independently. We each added different functionalities throughout the day with Github and all learned a lot about working on medium size applications in a group

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we found was where to start. As a team, we had limited experience building chrome extensions so we mostly used our time to study and research. In the beginning, it was challenging to grasp concepts but the more we discussed as a group the stronger our cumulative understanding was. The final big hurdle we overcame was learning and using gitHub to collaborate and join all our different edits together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our group had very minimal experience using the languages executed in this project. Collectively we decided to use this as a learning experience to further our knowledge of code used in this way. We are very excited about the progress that we made, and the final outcome of our project. We did not expect the project to be as defined and functional as it ended up being.

What we learned

We learned how javascript and HTML can communicate with each other to create a program that can be customizable. We learned how to use these coding languages to implement it into a Google Chrome Extention and alter websites in a new and fun way. After creating the interface we discovered how to format it using CSS, to make the design more aesthetically appealing.

What's next for Swapper No Swapping

Our team plans on continuous improvement of our application and release on CWS (chrome webstore). While building the custom extension we especially focused on laying a strong foundation, for the easy introduction of new features. In the UI department, our team wants to introduce features like a dark mode, and the ability to store custom themes. In regards to UX, future features may include the introduction of screen capturing and easy sharing to social media platforms. As well as the continuous improvement of our search algorithm to reduce time complexity when searching the DOM structure. Ultimentatly this project was a stepping stone to our goal of creating an ethical webscraper.

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