• We wanted to make a creative spin on wordle, where you could still challenge your friends

What it does

  • This is a very simple React based game where the words are randomly generated, and you need to complete swaps to form 5 words.

How we built it

  • This was built mainly using React and Typescript.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting everyone to learn React, and then work on a project where we had no code base was a challenge. It was particularly difficult to split up our work, and to get our workflow going.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The game actually works! Although it isn't where we had hoped it would be visually with css animations, the game does work and it can be played on both mobile and desktops

What we learned

  • A lot of React, and how to collaborate together in a short period of time

What's next for Swaple

If we had more time, we would like to have implemented a NodeJS backend to send all devices/users the same 5 words every day, and allow for storing of data on localstorage so that each device would only be able to do our swaple once per day. Allowing for sharing functionality would be next, and then we could make variations. So instead of 5 words, there could be 7, or 2 instead for different levels of difficulty.

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