Inspiration - alwasy wanted to learn new thing but they where always expensive and being a colllege student and having parents that dont make a lot i was alwasy to ask for money form my parents.

What it does - By simply listing your skills and choosing the skill you want to swap for the plate form connect you the nearest person the skill you requested

How I built it- i used html and css to build a website that list all the skills that are avalibel that u want to swap with.

Challenges I ran into - i am a one man team so i had a challege makeing the links for the websites and making the login page

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- that i was able to finnish this by my self and make a buiesness plan.

What I learned- that skill share are do able thing that can benefit the a lot of comminities.

What's next for Swap - build to a phone app that people are able to use it all over the country

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