To be able to quickly and efficiently "refuel" electric vehicle, which will hopefully increase their adoption, as this system makes it more successful than refueling.

What it does

We have demonstrated a prototype of a battery swapping system. The system can mechanically swap out the generic batteries from one vehicle and charge them at the station for the next car to use that battery. A billing system has also been implemented that calculates the price of your mileage exchange.

How we built it

We used the Adafruit esp8266 for a wifi connection to the battery module. We represent the charge in the battery as a percentage shown on a neopixel LED strip. We used a dragonboard to control the motor for the linear battery swapping motion. When the car drives over the terminal, it triggers an ultrasonic sensor which moves the platform which in turn swaps the battery for a newly charged one.

Challenges we ran into

How far into the concept

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The system fully works and calculates how much your previous battery swap would cost you and sens you a message!

What we learned

Learned how to use the esp8266 and overcome the 3.3V output challenge to power a 5V neopixel strip. We also were able to overcome the hardware challenges when it comes to linear motion and the motor controlled by the dragonboard.

What's next for Swap Charge

We can use this idea prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of using electric vehicles. For example, if a car runs out of charge, instead of having to be towed away (what happens now), we can have a modular battery swap at the side of the road. This addresses most of consumer concerns when it comes to EV adoption.

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