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Swap is a currency exchange web application service which allows users to seamlessly convert their money into the currency of their choosing. No longer will you have to pay expensive fees to be able to exchange your money to another currency and it can all be done from the comfort of your home.

Development Process

This was a great hackathon for the team as we were all new to the technologies that we were using so we were able to expand out skills. Our app is web based and uses a firebase and node backend, while making use of the Coinbase API to allow us to transfer the money.

Why it's useful

The leading mobile currency exchange app charges users 1.5% to be able to convert their money, we charge 1.2% for the exchange to allow users to save some money. With our app, users can convert their money from their current currency to all major currencies of the world.

Plans for the future

We plan to continue working on the app to refine the backend of it currently, give it a face lift to make it easier on the eyes, and adding features that will make the app even more useful.

Interesting facts

  • Most Commits: Javier - 46... some say he's still committing
  • Least hours slept: Brent - 1.5
  • Starting time: 1pm Saturday
  • Time spent thinking of an idea and pivoting: 13 hrs
  • How many times we almost switched ideas: 2
  • Number of questions answered while sleeping: 2
  • Pizza Midnight snacks: 2
  • Spyfall games: 30 (majority when we were thinking of an idea)
  • HTN supplied meals eaten: 1
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