The inspiration for Swap20 came from the growing number of centralized exchanges requiring more and more personal information. Swap20 facilitates the exchange of ERC-20 compliant tokens without sacrificing your privacy.

What it does

Swap20 is a decentralized exchange with a focus on simplicity and transparency. Users do not need to keep track of buy or sell orders to perform exchanges at a competitive price.

How we built it

Utilizing the 0x protocol, we designed and a created a simple web application that allows users to choose which tokens they wish to exchange. Modern technologies such as React and Polaris were used to create a seamless user interface that takes to complexity of exchanging tokens using centralized exchanges.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges along the way such as developing using the 0x protocol and deploying our product on the Ropsten TestNet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully utilizing the 0x protocol to create an application that could be used everyday.

What we learned

Our team learned a lot about 0x and the potential it has to change the landscape of token exchanges.

What's next for Swap 20

Deploying Swap 20 on the Ethereum mainnet and surfacing the relay it's built on.

Swap 20 is and will always remain an open source platform.

Built With

  • 0x.js
  • infura
  • polaris
  • react
  • testrpc
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