Supermarkets throw away 43 billion pounds of food every year. That's 10% of total US retail food supply. Up to 50% of produce is thrown away while still edible. Blemished produce, dented cans, outdated promotional products, and food past its "Best By" date are all nutritious and safe-to-eat foods which are routinely tossed into landfills. Shelf overstocking and oversized food cases mean that stores purposefully order more food than they can sell. Meanwhile, one in seven American families is food insecure. This is a problem.

Hack Away Hunger is an online marketplace for overstocked foodstuffs, connecting food banks and soup kitchens with high-quality and nutritious food. Food should fill tummies, not dumpsters. For food stores and farms, donations reduce the cost of waste management, since fewer dumpsters of food need to be hauled away. And for food pantries, these delicious foods can improve the livelihoods of those they serve. Hack Away Hunger makes the donation of food efficient and easy for both.

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