We wanted to make it easier, cheaper, safer, and more convenient for per to per rental of goods. Swamp Box improves the experience of renting goods for both parties.We allow users at home to browse cloud managed location based items available for rent. Users can rent items on the app and pick them up from secure "boxes". By using facial recognition for authentication to the boxes the user doesn't need to bring anything to pick up the item, for example if you want to go on a kayaking trip you no longer have to worry about how your phone being damaged. Our app automates the process of peer to peer rentals, freeing up valuable time of the item owner, reducing costs for transportation items to remote locations by placing a box there, and improving the experience for all.

What it does

Manages and facilitates peer to peer rentals & item sharing through a network of internet connected & facial recognition secured boxes.

How we built it

IOT devices, & cloud servers to secure boxes(no matter the size!, skateboards to kayaks) and track a network of items & users.

Challenges we ran into

Bringing together three great tech stacks, hardware & software, local hosts & the web servers, and a team that had never worked together before. We overcame our challenges and created a product that is ready to be released from academia into the wild.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

AWS Facial recognition to authorize a user to trigger a raspberry pi and tack inventory on a cloud server.

What we learned

We learned the the communication between the devices is not the most difficult part. Since every one was using there strength the difference in languages contributed to the difficulty and the bad documentation we had made us learn by trial and error.

What's next for SwampBox

A beach near you! Any place there is demand for rentals of goods.

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