After a disaster, its important to check the environmental data to see which resources are good to use and which ones are not. We created an IOT of static and mobile sensor that stores environmental data safely using the blockchain

We have implemented multiple sensors that check different environmental data such as air temperature, water temperature, air pressure, smoke or any flammable gases. These sensors are fixed on a static and a mobile platform so that we can take multiple reading. All the data from each set of sensors are stored on a blockchain so that its safe and tamper proof

The Photon board is used to control the mesh of different sensors. Each set sends data to the blockchain which securely stores the data. This data is then present on the dashboard created with vue.js.

Particle photon has issues connecting to the public network GPS on Dragonboard is very difficult to work with. Blockstack API only has a JavaScript interface to work with

All the hardware components work. We can write data securely to the blockchain

Blockstack API Particle photon integration with hardware

More robust sensor and more field trials

Built With

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