Swal.IO aims to incentivize the separation of garbage for households and citizens to improve society.


  1. A single colored bottle within a whole batch of uncolored bottles ruins the whole batch.

  2. Glass is made from sand, and sand is becoming a scarce resource.

  3. Sorting factories sell recyclable garbage to recycling companies and both have an interest in high grade purity of separated garbage.

  4. Incentive systems like "Pfand" can be described as successful and a motivator for recycling.

With these facts, we came up with the idea of a "pfand for all" based on the hypothesis that presorted and properly separated garbage will reduce the costs of running expensive and energy consuming sorting factories and thus make the pfand economical.


We want to provide a solution similar to "Pfand" to the people by incentivizing presorting and separation of garbage monetarily. Recycling/Sorting/Waste centers pay ordinary citizen who properly separate their garbage via the blockchain.


The scope of the hackathon was to focus only on glass for now (fixing the issue with contaminated glass colors). But the concept and technology could be extended to be compatible with other types of garbage (i.e. paper, plastic, ...).


  • Cleaner streets
  • Reduced energy costs for recycling / sorting / waste centers
  • Additional income stream for disadvantaged
  • Lower costs of recycling -> Encourages more recycling by larger companies and municipalities
  • Motivate society in countries where there are no strict recycling rules





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