Inspiration: Sleeping as harmless it may sound may cause injuries and disclosure of unaddressed sorrows. Sleepwalking and sleep talking is a random event which is commonly not looked upon until it shows signs of serious injuries or deprivation causing unusual behaviours, such as climbing out a window or even urinating in your own closet.

What it does: With over 3 Million cases across the world, we alert sleep walkers and guide them back to sleep along with the ability to capture their unconsciously spoken thoughts and running an analysis of their speech.

How I built it: The idea is to alert a potential sleepwalker the moment his android wear detects an unusual walking motion. Giving the benefit of doubt the user is given a warning with the help of a continuous snooze, which if not cancelled triggers a notification to a mobile device directing to play soothing music to gently wake the sleep walker.

Challenges I ran into: The challenges more or less came across with the platform of microsoft cognitive service along with apple's speech kit. It was tricky and and challenging to make the voice recognition the most effective. The missing microsoft cognitive sdks for apple's platform led to an alternate way by implementing HTTP Post method.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: First timer to implement an android and an android wear app.

What I learned: Android Studios

What's next : We look forward to make the sleep companion more intelligent and effective.

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