Who doesn't love free stuff? During hackMIT, we ordered jelly bean vitamins, organic tea, lubricant, and much more all for free!

Our website connections users with free swag! We offer a clean interface that supports filtering by category or type. When a user is interested in an item, they can either click directly to go to the company's website, Pin it on a Pinterest board, or save it in a Swag Bag by dragging the item off to the side for later. Swag Bags are persisted for every user and can be shared with a unique link.

The site is powered by Node.js with a MongoDB backend that offers a RESTful API that the front end calls. In addition, we wrote multiple Data Miners to populate the database, that scraped badly formatted, suspicious looking sites (e.g. http://www.totallyfreestuff.com/ or http://www.scamfreesamples.com/), parsing items for their category, brand, link, and other info.

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