Every time we go to study for a test, our browser becomes crowded with a lot of unnecessary tabs involving different youtube videos, notes, and pdfs of practice problems. We wanted to make a website that aggregates this information as well as supplies the user with the key points of each topic.

What it does

Users can view multiple topics. Each topic has a subtopic and those subtopics have individual topic pages. On that page, users can view the summaries that we (dev team) create. They can also view youtube videos about the subject and pdfs of practice problems. This is all on one page so it makes it easy to study.

How I built it

We used React for the frontend framework. Of course, this is built off of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We used SCSS to make writing CSS a lot easier. We hosted the website using HostGator. We bought our domain from For the backend, we used python with a Django framework. We have the content (pdfs, videos, etc) stored in an SQLite Database which the frontend uses to get info from.

Challenges I ran into

Making the website mobile friendly. It's a huge task to be able to not only develop designs for desktop but also for mobile. We think we did a great job making the current website mobile-friendly. We also had issues hosting the website. None of us have hosted a website before so we had trouble understanding how to get our files onto the web.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Im happy we accounted for smaller screen sizes. We also think we nailed the UI. Were happy with the little animations we have implemented that make our website fun to use.

What I learned

How to use web hosting services. Responsive Design.

What's next for swagai

Sign in feature to let users have their own accounts. This can track the topics they have viewed and checked off as completed Use AI in the upload page to scan a user's class schedule and suggest topics based off what classes the AI detects.

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