Our idea is simple, sleek, fashionable, and in high demand. And rightly so: it is completely necessary. Here at $wag Mobile©, we ask ourselves: why make an ordinary, old-fashioned ESE 111 arduino rover, when you can make one in style.

The toy industry is dead, and we're going to re-revolutionize it
-Ransford Antwi

What it does

The $wag Mobile © rover will feature a powerful bluetooth speaker and a visually stunning panel of multi-colored LEDs, as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope, and bluetooth chip.The user will be able to stream music from their smartphone directly to the speaker, and will be able to control the rover with a simple joystick interface. The faster the rover moves, the faster the lights change color (accelerometer). If, for some reason, the $wag Mobile © starts to tip over, a red LED will be activated on the joystick interface panel to warn the user (gyroscope).

Why we Need It

A moving, full blown vehicle with a speaker is a great source of entertainment. The joystick could be programmed on a mobile device with an interface that also includes access to the music playing system of the device which can be used to control the speakers from the phone. A camera could also be attached which gives the view of the automobile and it can be viewed on the smartphone.

From Humble Beginnings

Here you can see how we started, and get sense of w=how far we came. From a crowded corner in Penn's famous Detkin Laboratory, to a slightly less crowded corner of the same Laboratory, we have evolved in ways we could not have predicted.

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