Swachh bharat challenge is an initiative to share your experiences of swachh bharat abhiyan and invite other people to accept the challenge and join hands in the abhiyan as we have done. This ambitious campaign is launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi (clean India mission) on 2nd October 2014 and was launched on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi 145th birth anniversary. So we decided to give something new, innovative that will prove helpful. “Don’t call the world dirty; if you can’t step forward to clean it.” Millions of students and youth taking pledge for a clean India. Now as accountable students we step forward to clean India through our project- SWA-G.

What it does

The purpose of the project is:-“Cleanliness”. SWA-G {Swachh generation} is the scope for cleaning India electronically. To contribute to the cleanliness campaign we came up with the idea to combat the problem. SWA-G is an automatic cleaning machine which can be used inside +outside. It consists of an opening which is controlled by sensors. It aims for all over cleaning practices on its own without utilizing human support. SWA-G has a major setup built up on basic principle which works as - When garbage is detected under a pole, the transmitter on it will send a signal to the receiver attached to the robot, by accepting the signal the robot will go to that unclean location to wipe it off. The robot has a vacuum pump at its base which will suck off the dust and small bits of paper. The robot is also fitted with sensors. One of the sensors will detect any nearby obstacle and the buzzer will beep if it is found with any. Another sensor will work when the robot is filled up to the brim the buzzer will beep indicating that the robot has to be emptied before collecting any more garbage. The most underlying concept involved is that the robot has IR sensors. When a hand having garbage is brought in front of the robot, the IR sensors will detect the signal and the flap of the robot will get opened. Last but not the least the major foundation of SWA-G lies on the motive to provide cleanliness which is the basic urge to be fulfilled. If anyone comes near it; it will open up it’s flap automatically and a person can throw garbage. It also sucks garbage through its vacuum, it will consist of bristles at the base which would clean the floor also.

How we built it

Machine is based on IOT (internet of thinking).

The SWA-G robot is comprised of following parts – MICROCONTROLLER PLATFORM and MOTORS - A moving platform supported by motor system SENSORS - Infrared sensor system for collision detection and other type of sensing CONTROL - Transmitter-receiver system for robot control and communication SWITCHING CIRCUIT :For vacuum pump

Challenges we ran into

Without any funds, buying the various components on our own. IR sensors was not properly working.

What we learned

Nature gives us a tons of things now it’s our time to repay it. Our project is digital which includes electro-robo. It is a machine which cleans outside+inside. It not only include cleanliness campaign but also digital program with a vision to transform India into clean n green + digitally empowered environment and knowledgeable society. So building this robot we came to knew about various new electronic components and get to know about real time application of IOT.

What's next for SWAG

In future , the materials will be more and the functioning of the robot will be smooth as compare to now. We also try to fit the GPS system in the garbage collecting trucks, to track and analyze the data regarding garbage collection. So that waste management can be done efficiently. The GPS and monitoring system will show the timing of garbage collection, ,areas that need more hygiene, the IR sensors will be fit into the garbage bin of the truck that after its full the driver will know dispose of the garbage to the dumping and recycling area. And we are also thinking to use proximity sensors for intelligent plastic waste disposal It will also have an intelligence speech system (speech recognition),it will be able to wish, giving some useful and motivational quotes.

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