This is only a partial project, since the team lead went missing in action near deadline time before adding all the team members to the project submission, so I was advised by EarthxHack staff to submit my portion of the project here.

EarthxHack 2020 team project

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DoorStepDelivery - DSD


With the COVID-19 pandemic, people such as healthcare workers and the vulnerable are struggling even more than ever to complete essential and basic tasks such as obtaining groceries or medicine and doing laundry, lawn, or property maintenance. Seeing Facebook groups with people wanting to support those in need and with many people looking for jobs due to the massive rise in unemployment, our team thought there had to be a better way to connect those who need help and those who can help. Hearing about the recent news of a dying corona patient asking Alexa, the virtual hands-free assistant developed by Amazon, "How do I get help?", we were inspired to make our application be barrier-free by making it accessible through voice-commands.

What it does

InstaSupport is an app that fulfills orders for various tasks by allowing users to input a task they need assistance with and sending that information to nearby "helpers" who can fulfill the given task. The user will cover the cost of completing the task (i.e. grocery bill if ordering groceries) and will be able to add a tip that will be displayed to the "helpers" before they decide whether or not to accept an order. The app will also display the distance, the designated timeframe, and the specifics of each task. InstaSupport can be connected to smart speakers like Alexa, enabling users to place orders for tasks through simple voice commands such as "Alexa, InstaSupport" or "Alexa, send support". Integrating voice commands simplifies and expedites the ordering process and increases the accessibility for people who may have trouble navigating through the app such as the elderly or disadvantaged.

How we are planning to build it?

We designed the UI in Sketch and exported it to Zeplin. For the web application, we plan to use React.js for the front-end and use JavaSpringBoot for the back-end. For the mobile application, we plan to design both an Android and IOS version. After we design the web and mobile application, we plant to create an InstaSupport API through the AlexaSkill developer. With the implementation of AlexaSkill, users will be able to ask for help by audio.

Backend Service /API

Delivery as a Service – DAAS platform

What it does

Any local business could launch a delivery service based on the app we provided, and reduce the lack of delivery resources in his neighbourhood. Living in these challenging times, with restrictions in place and many online delivery services unable to provide services due to the increased demand or lack of resources, many people especially those who are most vulnerable need someone to help get to them the essentials they need to survive.

Use Case 1 – Ready to go with Farmers business

Farmer’s Marketplace

What is problem we are trying to solve?

Farmers has produced fresh fruits/vegetables, but due to lockdown markets are closed hence fruits/vegetables are not reaching to customers. Both farmers and customers are in loss.

How are we trying to solve problem?

Build a portal either website or web application

  1. List details of farmer along with fruits/vegetables he is going to provide. Customer shall visit the page select the items and submit.

Use Case 2 - Neighbour Helping Neighbour

People are feeling very disconnected from each other because of physical distancing. We need to maintain this practice while also getting help to those who need it most. Neighbour to neighbour support can be a solution during these times, i.e. identify people who live on your block who can be a support person if you can’t leave your house, because you are sick yourself, elderly, have underlying conditions or overwhelmed! Simple activities like taking the trash out, getting food at the nearby food pantry or the grocery store, delivering homemade food. There have been a number of efforts that have cropped up from mutual aid listings to existing sites like next door (see resources section for links).

Use Case 3 - Local Business Covid Map and Support Platform

Local businesses are facing a myriad of challenges in the face of Covid19. The few businesses that are open need to get the word out they are open and their revised hours. Open restaurants need to publicize if they are offering delivery or pick up. Yelp, Google, and Grub Hub don’t seem to be keeping up to date with these details and not all services listed fall into the “essential business” categories so filtering these would be helpful as well. Additionally, knowing which businesses have gift cards, accept pre-orders, or have delivers could help keep revenue flowing during this time of disruption. Furthermore, like other entities, small businesses may benefit from connecting to other small businesses to manage staffing shortfalls, supply chain disruptions, and more or leveraging the technical expertise from local residents willing to offer their time, such as upgrading websites, creating shopify or gift card sites, and more.

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