Autism spectrum disorder is a childhood developmental disorder which is in an alarming rise in the past decade. Recent CDC statistics says one in every 55 children is autistic. Most of the children with Autism have speech and language delay, sensory integration dysfunction which makes it very difficult for them to be comfortable. Autism is a multi-faceted disorder and hence multi-disciplinary team is required for effective management.

What it does

What we are looking at is having a comprehensive documentation system where all the data can be available with respect to every child, right from screening, assessment, health history questionnaire, interventions by various professionals including doctors, therapist and educators, follow ups and testimonials. Using the available data, system shows comprehensive graphs, data mined images and predictions ( model already incorporated - waiting for real time data) on what is the true cause of Autism. What parameters frequently repeats itself in autism.What solution works best for them ? WE ARE ON A QUEST TO UNCOVER THAT !

How we built it

We built the system with as a streamlined process flow model where a case is generated on a new on-boarded child and it goes through different stages for treatment, assessment and closure. We have provided the below capabilities 1) Ability for a parent to request for a call on problem identification 2) Request call gets converted to a case if the decision is taken to on-board the child for treatment 3) Initial assessment can be performed capturing extensive child and parental medical history profiles. Treatment plan is captured as part of the initial assessment. 4) Case transitions to the treatment stage after initial assessment. The therapists or concerned doctors from respective disciplines could track the child response and capture it as a feedback. 5) Ability for the parents to monitor and also add continuous feedback during the course of treatment. 6) Extensive reporting module to display visually various statistics at golbal level and also at a specific case level (case level reports are WIP) 7) Data Mining to dig through past case notes and retrieve the most commonly used words/therapies for similar problems and display as a tag cloud.

We used i) java, struts for MVC framework ii) Bootstrap for view components iii) Hibernate as ORM tool iv) d3, c3 and jquery for reporting v) R for data mining & analytics and future scope for machine learning on current model.

Challenges we ran into

1) With a team of 5 and a humongous requirement, it was a challenging task to get the pieces developed and integrated. 2) Requirement gathering was a bit challenging as the intent was to digitize the manual process of identification, assessment, treatment and feedback of a therapy given to an Autistic child. The expectation was also to include some sort of analytics around this already captured past data to be able to propose/ prompt the therapists with suggestive solututions/treatments.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have developed a system that has the potential to touch 2% of the world population. We are proud of the fact that given the above challenges, we were able to design and develop a solution and were able to conclude it with a clearly defined future scope. Although we were not well versed in some of the technologies that we used, we managed to quickly learn and adapt and implement in the given timeframe.

What we learned

We learned some new technologies like R, d3 & bootstrap. And most of all, we learnt that hacking for a cause is the best way to learn, innovate and contribute.

What's next for Swabhimaan-Trust

The system that has been developed during the hackathon gives them almost all the capabilities to capture all the information digitally and report on the statistics using interactive graphs. Also, we have included some data mining techniques to display relevant tags of treatments or therapies from previous case notes.

Next thing to do would be to build a through analytics of all sorts of data and be able to suggest a prescribed course of treatment to a child with a defined set of symptoms.

We are going there tomorrow to understand their current system configurations , integrate our code there and bring the system up. We would regularly monitor the system stability , performance and new requirements to make the system intuitive and be reusable at a Global scale via an open source project as an Autism Case Management System.

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