FuzeBoard is a B2C Dashboard app aiming to aggregate and filter all the info you access on the web so you don't have to waste time going and reading it on different sites. Not including filtering the news.

Had to put it in other word later:

Aggregates information from multiple services like instagram, twitter, weather, rss and filters the noise so that you can see the info you need in a glance without wasting time on the actual sites full of cats and publicity

Live website: https://fuzeboard.co

Integrations planned


  • Twitter - One hashtag only
  • Clock - Numeric only, timezone configurable
  • Weather - Location configurable (Cel. + Icon)
  • Link - Link to website you visit ofter
  • RSS - Multi RSS feeds
  • Mailbox - GMail api only for starters
  • Calendar - Upcomming 10 events
  • Instagram - Follow multi friends

Other ideas

  • Expedia
  • Google analytics
  • The Guardian
  • USA Today
  • Reddit

Getting started

Just use gulp

After installing it for sure npm install -g gulp

And having all dependencies: npm install



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