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Project: SVLoyalty Club

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SVLoyalty provides a trustless loyalty program for brands and clients, giving full control of point holdings and immutable point exchanges. Detailed client data allows targeted analysis and outreach.

Company Description

SVLoyalty is a new loyalty program platform powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain which provides a software interface for businesses and customers to seamlessly interact with each other. Businesses such as shops, restaurants and e-commerce sites can register their brand details to the SVLoyalty Club and have the ability to send points to any of their customers who have a BTC SV account. Customers will have the ability to redeem those points for rewards that the businesses provide. All this data is stored on the Bitcoin SV blockchain which will ensure transparency, fairness and immutability.

Anyone is able to instantly get up and running with SVLoyalty through the use of MoneyButton, which makes quick and seamless transactions possible. Built upon the Bitcoin SV blockchain, point redemptions and issuances are immutable. Point issuances must be signed by the business whilst point redemptions must be signed by the customer. In this regard, there is no way for loyalty point tampering to happen.


SVLoyalty provides a cost-efficient way for businesses to quickly get up and running with a loyalty program. Through the use of a public blockchain and online easy to register interface, both online and local stores are able to use the service freely with no upfront cost only paying the low transaction fees of the Bitcoin SV blockchain. The use of a blockchain database means that transactions and exchange of points are done in a trustless environment. Exchanges between businesses and customers are done by sharing each other’s MoneyButton addresses.

Businesses are also able to capture customer behaviour and sale data, by means of the option to store product IDs of specific purchases and the sale amount in the point issuance transactions. Points to be issued are inputted prior to issuance so as to accommodate businesses with any points system of their own. In this case, the business will then be able to track what customers purchased and also be able to identify high value customers. This data can then be used to target these customers with offers and marketing material.

Market research shows it costs $19 to $49 per month for small businesses to purchase a digital loyalty stamp app license. Plugins for modern point of sale systems range between $50 to $500 per month, whilst tailor made loyalty programs start at $10k upwards and within the six figure range. The use of a free public database together with the immutability features of the blockchain make Bitcoin SV the perfect platform to run such a service.


  1. Businesses and customers have full control of their redemptions and issuances.
  2. Free for businesses to use and integrate.
  3. Ease of use through the use of 1 customer and 1 brand frontend interface. No training programs required.
  4. Customers and brands can be anonymous on the platform.
  5. No need for loyalty cards.
  6. Ability to use SVLoyalty on both digital stores and also at physical stores.
  7. Near instant transaction confirmations with Bitcoin SV.
  8. Data being stored is extendable by expanding the JSON data being stored on the blockchain per transaction.
  9. Current data being stored, purchase amounts and product details, can be analysed to target high value customers.


  1. Requirement of <$1 in BSV for transaction fees
  2. No integration with point of sale systems
  3. Currently no mobile app and QR code scanning for easier transactions
  4. No functionality for offers and promotions yet

Technical Overview

SVLoyalty is built using the following components:

  • React frontend
  • API
  • API
  • button, bsv library and API
  • Bitcoin SV for data storage and transactions

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Marketing Plan

Targeted audience:

  1. Small to medium businesses which don’t necessarily have the capital or time to invest in setting up a loyalty program for its customers. Being in Malta personally, it will be easier to get people interested due to the already pro-crypto mindset.
  2. Online businesses that are already pro-crypto and would be more inclined to join a blockchain-powered loyalty program platform.


  1. Write Medium articles on the following topics:
    1. Advantages of using SVLoyalty over other loyalty program.
    2. Top reasons to run a loyalty program for your online business.
    3. Customer metric analysis on the blockchain: SVLoyalty and Bitcoin SV.
    4. Loyalty collaboration: Teaming up with loyalty scheme partners and businesses.
  2. Contact online businesses and local stores, educating them on the advantages of SVLoyalty. Get feedback, what they would like and if they’re not interested, what is needed for them to be interested in onboarding.
  3. Market the promotional material on social media and Twitter.
  4. Develop template marketing material for brands to use in marketing their loyalty programs.

Future Work

  • UX Improvements
    • Create a library to be able to integrate SVLoyalty with current systems to have a wider reach and automate the transfer of points to users.
    • A checkout page to be integrated within online shops, to be able to redeem points for discounts and offers prior to payment.
    • A mobile app for easier in-person loyalty program transactions.
    • More mobile friendly web UI.
  • Integrate invoice details to the SVLoyalty program.
  • Customer analytics
    • Further work in analysing customers’ product purchases, sales amounts and points. This is a major advantage of having loyalty programs.
    • Ability to add extra data fields per brand, on registration. Asymmetric encryption between customer and brand, so as to pass personal details such as name, email and possibly encrypt purchase details.
  • Give the ability for brands to submit current offers to SVLoyalty, which are then viewable on the customers’ dashboard.
  • SVLoyalty Club also lays the foundation for the creation of a blockchain affiliate program through customers sharing loyalty points when specifying their referrer in purchases.
  • Marketing plan as detailed above.
  • Allow for companies to submit their tier systems to gamify the user experience, this would encourage more purchases.
  • Possibly setting up a BSV faucet for verified and interested users to SVLoyalty for a completely free onboarding of initial users and brands. Tiny amounts of BSV fauceted will cover transaction fees.


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