Football is the number 1 most popular & dominating sports-community in the world! with as much as 4 billion fans we have seen the interaction between fans and the sport going from visiting matches physically from the frontlines of the pitch to nowadays following their favorite League/ club/ teams and players various media platforms. Supporters and Fans got involved and engaged on a whole other level when merchandise made its way into the industry. Fans now got the chance to walk into a fanstore and purchase all the decoration, sportswear & collectables available displaying the club, teams or players they are proud of and love the most. We noticed that not all countrys (e.i. developing country) have the acces, privillage or luxury to engage with their favorite player or sports team like this. Our Mission is to build a Digital dynamic collectable player cards for the soccer fans in this case: '' the proud fans of Suriname '' and give access to exclusive content & artwork from '' Natio Suriname '' .

What it does

The project generates non-fungible tokens for Surinamese football players, in the style of collectable football cards, which can be dynamically updated with player statistics. The tokens can be made available for sale on platforms like Opensea.

How we built it

The project is built with Chainlink, node.js, and solidity on Ethereum. There is a service which dynamically builds token images, and saves them to IPFS so that they are visible on platforms like Opensea.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first project for the team involving smart contracts and NFTs, and much learning was necessary to make progress on the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're most proud of setting up an international team and having fun learning from each other with our consistent meetings which we held every weekday. We enjoyed the deep dive necessary to learn the blockchain development technologies used in the project.

What we learned

A lot. We furthered our skills with smart contract development, backend development for blockchain, and web development.

What's next for SVB Dynamic NFT

We're looking forward to using animated GIFs for a 3D representation of our card.

Built With

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