This quarantine has caused boredom and I wanted to play a game with my family. So, I had hand made a physical card game that me and my family played. So when DVHacks came I taught to make this game into a webapp. This fun, energetic, entertaining 2 player game is called FunSpree and it has two different versions. This game is amusing and will definitely keep families pass their time!

What it does

FunSpree entertains and gives joy to the players. I've heard many people say they are "bored" during this pandemic and this can be a fix to that. When kids are bored they can play FunSpree with they're relatives.

How we built it

Login and Register are implemented using python and the SQLite database. The game boards and other web pages are designed with Python, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, I moved the characters with pixel values. These hard-coded values did not work with a different screen size so later I converted the code to jQuery to move characters dynamically into specific divs. There was also a challenge to include sound effects when the characters move.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of the look of this project. I am also really proud of how well this game functions. This is how I planned it to be like and it has been implemented properly. Another thing I am proud of, is that my 4-year old sibling finds this game easy to use and has a fun time with it.

What we learned

I learnt how to include a timer, await and asynchronous concepts. I learnt to include animation and audio for the movements. I also got more practice with connecting database.

What's next for SV Games

In the future I plan to add more games and an adult version of FunSpree. I plan to integrate with YouTube videos.

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