Our Problem.

As students, we know how hard it is to do something you do not like to do, or at least, you do not know how to do. Imagine a Major of Computer Information Science will do an economic statistics analysis. Everyone is genius, everyone is good at something, but if you make a fish to climb up a tree, it would definitely blob for help. We also know how burden you are when these kind of works stacked. We also know how hard and long you think what to choose over Passion and Practicality because you wanted to do your passion so bad but you are sure it will not give you a stable future so you chose practical over passion. We know how it is not being able to practice your skills because of lack of works to do and facilities on a specific field. We know how big the unemployment rate because of Job mismatch skills in the industry is. We know how badly you want to get a job easier after graduating. We know, because we are you. What we know makes us to do something, so we make a system that will help to give solutions on these problems: SUYO.

Our Solution.

Suyo is a gamefied barter system that allows Maroonong, PUPians who joined Suyo, to exchange their skills, talents, and passion to something of value. It helps students to cope with works by sending a request to somebody who are willing to do it with exchange of something of value. It also let students to train and practice their skills either practical or passion. It will benefits students especially PUPians to hone their skills despite of lack of academically practice and facilities, that will help them to get job easier when they graduated that will result to higher employment rate with PUPian Graduates. This project wants to encourage all PUPians to join Suyo so the objective, which are to provide convenience on students by helping each other, practicing both passion and practical skills, and increase high employment rate for PUPian Graduates. The project aims to be the students training ground.

Building It.

In order to build the user interface, we used PUG for view engine. For back-end, we used MySQL, Node, Express, Nodemailer.

Challenges I ran into.

This was my first project with Node. Fortunately, my curiosity and love for technology pushed me through this learning experience. This project has been voted as the best project in our advance programming course with the grade 1.0/1.0 and picked as Polytechnic University of the Philippines' entry for Philippine Startup Challenge.

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