What it does

Suvidha is a data analysis tool that: Studies consumers' past purchase history, pattern.

Provides Tata Sampann an understanding about: The ideal customer profile for specific products Product recommendations for target customers

How we built it

Study customer purchase history for past 3 months and recommend likely products using collaborative filtering.

Mapped the potential target profiles for each products, basis features of both the products and consumers using Decision tree.

Challenges we ran into

Unavailability of Data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We zeroed in on the problem and completed the project.

What we learned

We can deliver a project in a night.

What's next for Suvidha

Incorporate Tata Sampann data into our scalable models.

Adding features like promotions, festivities, holidays, behavioural data etc.

Incorporate multiple data sources like clickstream data, social media to further fine-tune the model.

Tech Stack

Python R (Decision Tree and Collaborative filtering) Javascript Flask (RESTful API)

Built With

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