We were primarily inspired by two things: the design of the Wormhole bridge and the idea of attracting more DeFi assets and more liquidity to Solana by extending the range of cross-chain options.

An outstanding feature of Wormhole that fascinated us, as a team that believes in elegant solutions, is that its approach to cross-chain transfers seems more mathematical rather than technological.

Also, we strongly believe that porting tokens to Solana and bridging Solana-origin tokens to other networks can move us one step closer to total DeFi synergy.

What it does

SuSy leverages the Wormhole’s approach to bridging tokens between networks. Transferring of tokens from the Solana ecosystem to other EVM and non-EVM networks occurs in three steps: Locking tokens in the origin blockchain Verifying lock finality by the validator network Transferring tokens into the destination blockchain Thanks to the Wormhole VAA algorithm, SuSy allows for automatic permissionless wrapping of tokens. As an extension, SuSy is built upon the principles of mesh networks and integrates Proof-of-Assets, and can therefore provide transfers for tokens across networks, not bound to their origin.

Challenges we ran into

The Wormhole network architecture is unique and sophisticated. During the development process, we encountered several technical challenges related to core algorithms and smart contracts that we overcame successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have simplified and also extended the approach of Wormhole to bridging. This is manifested in the integration of a mesh approach (all-to-all networks bridging). In other words, we can provide transfers from any previously wrapped tokens to Solana, which means that users can avoid expensive or congested networks and reduce the number of actions when wrapping.

What we learned

During the development process, we researched other existing bridge solutions and discovered that they are not sufficiently flexible in many aspects. Wormhole is one of the few (if not only) permissionless bridge solutions, which greatly simplifies its expansion.

What's next for SuSy

1.Launch in Q4 2021 2.Issuance of $SUSY token and transfer fees 3.Establishing governance with validators’ rights granted based on staking $SUSY 4.Multichain: seven chains at launch in Beta (currently Alpha) 5.Special approach to tokenomics. Collaboration with Graviton, a solution for the multichain liquidity growth. Initially boosted liquidity for the $SUSY token: paired to GTON across all established chains and most popular DEXs (all agreements are already in place).

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