As humans we've started to use way more resources than our planet can bear. And it's getting worse. Earth Overshoot Day - the day where we've used as many resources in a year, as would be sustainable - is reached in August now and this day is reached sooner on a year-to-year basis. So we've decided to raise awareness of each person's CO2 footprint and help nudge the world into the right direction.

What it does

Sustineri calculates your CO2 footprint based on your food consumption and compares you to other users. If your carbon footprint is above average, you are given the option to offset your negative impact by investing in ETFs which are comprised of green energy company helping us move towards a sustainable future.

How we built it

We started building the application skeleton including a continuous deployment pipeline to allow fast feedback and testing. We used Bühler Groups CO2 data in order to assess the carbon impact of groceries. We've also made use of the Credit Suisse API to facilitate investing in sustainable ETFs. At the moment the food consumption of the user is not automatically tracked since a receipt needs to be uploaded as a pdf as of now.

Challenges we ran into

Even though we've used slightly different technology than usual, except for Python and Flask which we are very comfortable with, we've not ran into issues. We progressed steadily without getting stuck but would've obviously appreciated more time to make our prototype nicer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud that our teamwork was very collaborative and swift. Everyone knew what to do and we iterated in small steps and re-discussed the status-quo and the next steps and kept up the pace. Obviously we're also proud that we were able to finish a working prototype in the short time given to all participants and that we never rushed but enjoyed the process and most importantly enjoyed ourselves and the beautiful HackZurich atmosphere with its perks too.

What we learned

We've learnt how to deploy to the Swisscom Cloud and setup a CI workflow with Github, Docker, Travis and Swisscom Cloud. We also learnt how to parse a PDF with very little Python code. But most importantly we learnt how much fun it is to move in a steady pace and collaborate within the team to create something potentially beneficial for society.

What's next for Sustineri

We'd love to make this plattform a reality. If our pitches seem to spark interest we'd be more than happy to implement this application in (an) existing system(s) and integrate more seamlessly with supermarkets and grocery stores. This will enable us to receive receipts from users keen on opting into our plattform to make the user experience more convenient and make it more attractive for a borader audience to track and improve their carbon footprint helping shape the future on the only world we have.

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