Our inspiration was that the current lifestyle that many people lead don't take into account for the impacts their actions have on the environment. We wanted to create something that would encourage people to be more aware of how they go about their everyday life.

What it does

SustainMe is a website that bring people together to find ways to make their living more environmentally friendly from products, DIY projects, and energy saved. A ranking system is placed based on how much energy they saved, the eco-friendly products they used, and how many quizzes answered correctly. The top 10 ranked users in their city will win certain prizes.

How we built it

We created html files to create the website.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately we were unable to access domain we created, so most of our time was spent trying to find out how to access it. One team member was new to html, so they had to search up what they wanted to do. Also there wasn't clear communication within the team on what exactly we want to create.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite being a team of people with little to no experience of hackathons and creating a working project in such a limited time frame, we were able to produce a demo on Figma of our idea.

What we learned

Don't try to make a project complicated at the start, do the parts that are easy to do and work on the fancier areas later if there is time.

What's next for SustainMe

Adding a ranking system for the users. Using arduinos to collect data of energy use in the home.

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