Description Our program simulates a growing human population so that it may be possible to visualize how global crises or events will impact society. Not only does our simulation make it simple to understand how a given population may cope with all new changes in their individual environments, but our simulation also provides an overview of how a certain event may possibly affect and alter the human race.

Inspiration We decided to create this simulation after seeing how real the threat of change in our day-to-day lives can be when a global event turns the world upside down. No one could have predicted all of the current changes that have taken place because of COVID-19, or how we would all be socially impacted, and perhaps better measurements would have been implemented if we had a way to fully understand how the population would wind up reacting.

What we learned We learned about the hardships of setting up domains, cloud platforms, and presentations. However, we also learned how to persevere and work as a team in order to overcome these challenges.

How we built our project We built our project using Python.

Challenges When we created this program, we ran into some frustrating syntax errors. Indentation got a little messy, missing colons made it unable to run, but in the end, we were able to debug and solve these issues.

Looking toward the future Looking forward, if we wanted to improve our program, we would want to add more global issue possibilities than just a virus test. For instance, we may implement tests for natural disasters, different diseases, wars, and famine as the code progresses.

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