While we were looking through papers for our university project a paper done in 2016 by an MIT student to use gravity instead of motor to power the elevator and generate power out of it. We had an idea! Why can't we modify the same concept to use it for water pipeline systems?

What it does

It will control the pressure in the water while generating power. It uses both the motor and other sensors (pH Sensor,Temperature Sensor, etc) to detect any problems with the pipeline including leakages and contamination of the water.

How we built it

It was built using the PLC on the SCADA system. We have made a demo model using a small turbine with lights and switches connected to the PLC which is connected to the IOT and we accessed it with the computer to view all the information

Challenges we ran into

Most challenges faced were into the feasability caluclations. We had to look up a number of research papers to make sure that the idea will be profitable without sacraficing any part of the program

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have achieved our goal in the final project to acheive a payback time of 7 years while having a 5-10% reduction in total energy cost of the building

What we learned

We learned how to look at projects in a more real-life situation for feasability analysis. We have also improved our general skills in our field and we learned new information about the Water pipeline network and industry

What's next for Sustainable Water Generation & Management System

We hope to see the project become a reality as we believe it has the potential to solve a number of real-life on-going problems. It is already completed and operational only requiring further sensors to be connected as per the user demand. This project targets all fields of the competition.

Built With

  • scada
  • plc
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