When I go out to a shop, I see fear in people's faces. They are cautious, and they are the people who did not believe they would ever be in this situation. There is one more thing - that fear was built up, gradually. People learned step by step, and they adopted to the new reality and tools (masks, gloves, glasses, washing hands, not touching handles) one at a time. From a crisis management perspective, I know that the situation is not going to have one definite finish line, and we will need to slowly rebuild the confidence of going out, of meeting people, of being in public without having to fear.

As the founder of online marketplace, I often think what do people need in this point in time, and at this time, we together need to understand what it is that we need when returning to "normal" life.

What it does

I am proposing creating a kit/pack/set of essential items that we will want to carry with us in the coming months when going out in the public is available but not desirable. This kit could contain minimum essential items (such as reusable/fashionable facemasks, hand-sanitizers, handle holders, etc (this is what we need to brainstorm about) and make those kits available to everyone. These 2-5 essential items would assure everybody's safe and confident re-integration back to social and public life.

How I built it

We need to build this during this hackathon!

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Sustainable Return (with

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