At a time where climate change is affecting our earth and corporations are either unwilling to accept it or do anything about it in the hope that they need to spend more money, every single person counts. If they don't want to do it then let us do our part! Finding out which food to buy while also considering which food is better for both us and the environment is no easy task, so we set out to make it easy for people like you and me to find it simply by using an app.

What it does

It scans any product that you would like to buy and compares it to other products that you were considering to check it's impact on our earth and on your health. Do you want more energy while having minimal impact on the environment? Done. Want to consume less protein and less fat? Done. Does it still have less impact on the environment? Done.

Just look at the status of the data to find which is good, which is okay and which is definitely bad with easy color coding of Green, Yellow and Red. You can compare multiple such products and look at their color representation to find out which is good and which is bad. You can also track the history of what you have purchased or scanned in a separate place to find out the impact you are having on the environment and your health

How we built it

We used eternity api's and migros dataset to get the data and after analyzing and storing it at a backend we built an Android app with kotlin while using the scandit sdk to scan for barcode to fetch the data.

Challenges I ran into

  • Using the dataset was difficult so we had to store chunks of dataset in our own backend server and also process it according to our requirements.
  • We had almost finished integrating IBM watson sdk to android to utilize it's assistant features to make the comparision easier but due to lots of data and some problems we had to stop it at the final moment.
  • Coordination across different timezone was quite difficult and we learned a lot about how to optimize and communicate effectively while staying at a different country

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • This maybe a simple app but the simplicity makes it more likely that you will use it for random food that you might buy the next time you are at a store.
  • We made it so that even a layman can utilize this application easily

What I learned

We learned about how much of impact we are having on our environment and how we can save it from further impact by taking small steps and measures. We got to know how to coordinate in different timezones. We found out multiple sources of datasets and SDKs which can be used in future projects

What's next for Foodify

We plan on integrating the IBM watson to include a chatbot and voice assistant with the app so you don't even have to scan the barcode and you could just ask the app to compare between let's say cranberries and xyz burger and it would tell us the impact it has on the earth as well as which is healthy for you. We plan on increasing the processing power of our backend server to do more ML tasks to predict it and understand the impact more accurately.

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