Controlling and limiting the spread of COVID-19

What it does

  • Medical gloves, food handling gloves and masks with a visual indicator or other similar solution indicating the state of wear or viability of the glove/mask (virus detection system - color reaction...)

  • Management of organic waste in hospitals by ensuring maximum protection, with virus-proof bags

  • Compostable Bags that limit the risk of containing viruses (Bags with a structure that does not allow the virus to hang on)

  • Connected masks to an application to assess at all time it is properly placed, warm when user instinctively removes or touches it (App signals presence with 2m of human when more than 7 seconds and the user gets a daily report on how safe he was)

How I built it

Using BioApply's experience in this field

Challenges I ran into

  • Finding a material for bags that limit/reduce the risk of containing viruses

  • Finding an optimal way to connect the mask to an application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

BioApply experience and its forces

What I learned

Innovating to meet people's needs while ensuring their safety

What's next for Sustainable and effective health & medical solutions

Make tests to validate the project

Built With

  • bioapply
  • experience
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