"Zero Waste" Movements and efforts by industry to be more Sustainable. Bill Gates warnings about Climate Change. (He was right about the Pandemic.)

Tech inspiration is Honey App which is a price focus recommendation browser extension.

What it does

As consumer browse, they app gives the recommendations on products that are less sustainable and have a sustainable swap.

How I built it

Vanilla Javascript and a JSON file. Canva for the icon.

Challenges I ran into

Parsing the JSON file. Fighting with the 20+ css files on (On a postive note, they have an easter egg in their code. A bunny that meows.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I really like this idea for an app. I am glad I did it. It really aligns with my values. Also, I like have been bugging my friends to get more sustainable option. I feel this extension is more of a gentle encouragement rather than a straight forward topic of conversation my friends are tired of hearing.

Even though it's simple, I think these ideas have a lot potential impact in reducing plastic. This gives more power and agency to people. Also, using single use plastic or consumer plastic. Only 6% of plastic in the US gets recycles. Plastic is not the best option. Recycling is a bit of a myth and how this myth became the norm is explain by Dateline, NPR, and John Oliver.

What I learned

How to use JavaScript by parsing a JSON file. I never used this file type. Also, my first extension. The documentation was straight forward.

What's next for EcoSwap

Oh if I had the time and money, I would make is open source and add a bunch of feature. The demo is simple but the idea is there. An good idea inspired by other group ideas. I really wish this kind of app or others like it could reach people. I want to see that change.

If I had to monetize it make maybe like those sponsor links. Follow Ecosia's model and donate profits to charity or put resources towards protecting the planet.

PowerPoint: link/d/1f0EhvSkvMlCvHttzrl9P3-0ETwLB_IrmMz91CXX_rNg/edit?usp=sharing)

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