18% of people do not know what materials can be recycled and 52% don’t recycle. That might seem like a miniscule amount but the impact it has is huge. There’s more than 2.6 trillion tons of trash produced annually in the world. I was inspired to create SustainabiliTree as a way to help people realize how much they impact our Earth by including features like the Carbon Calculator and Identifying game.

What it does

SustainabiliTree has two programs right now to help people improve their habits in favor of our Earth. The first program, the Carbon Calculator is used to help people understand how much their carbon footprint is and what causes it to be so high/low. This can help people realize what habits they can change in order to have a lower footprint. The second program is the identify game which helps people learn what items can be recycled and which can't as many people don't recycle since they don't know what can be. Ignorance and lack of knowledge is the root cause so SustainabiliTree aims to solve it.

How we built it

I built SustainabiliTree using html, css and vanilla javascript.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge was the time crunch I was in to complete the project. I had hoped to create another feature that would've assisted SustainabiliTree's goal. It was challenging to complete the website within two days but I tried my hardest to complete them as best as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of creating two javascript-based programs on the website, the calculator and identify game. As I mentioned earlier, I am still learning javascript so it was nice to be able to create something that was interactive for users but also testing my skills that I had just acquired.

What we learned

I learned how to be time efficient and plan mockups before hand as it makes it way easier to develop. This was a new strategy/skill I gained and implemented during this hackathon.

What's next for SustainabiliTree

In the future, SustainabiliTree hopes to include an AI-powered camera app that woud identify if an item can be recycled or not for those who require further assistance. I think this would greatly help with some common misconceptions and guide users to understand recycling in a better way.

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