Global climate change is shaping up to be one of the biggest issues humanity has ever faced. Everyone is contributing to it in one way or another, and everyone can help fight it. People often focus on the biggest polluters (large corporations) or the smallest ones (an individual person), but rarely does anyone talk about the people in the middle. There are thousands and thousands of stores, offices, shops, etc. that contribute to global climate change, and it might just help the cause if we could inspire managers and employees to make a difference at their place of work, however small. We started with coffeeshops as a proof of concept, as we have some insight into that industry.

What it does

A user is able to create an account for a single store. This store is able to upload metrics about different store emissions and sources of waste. All of these metrics are graphed and visualized on a unique store page.

How we built it

We used mongodb atlas and google cloud platform to host our database and express.js/node.js website. Our frontend was coded using html, css, and EJS. We used git and github for resolving conflicts among a team of three. Regex for searching and data input formatting.

Challenges we ran into

None of us have ever fully built and deployed a website with a full backend, user accounts, sessions, databases, etc. and as a result, ran into many challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to deploy a pleasant and user-friendly website, create a functional database using mongodb, integrated with google cloud, create forms for user registration with encrypted salted passwords, and provide charting that updates with the database

What we learned

We all learned a lot about version control, creating dynamic websites, teamwork, and quite a lot about carbon emissions.

What's next for Sustainabeanity

Well, we would love to do quite a bit of refactoring of certain parts of the project, for example, if your passwords don't match when you try and register an account it just sends you to the home page without telling you your account creation failed. We also would love to expand the product to include all sorts of businesses at a store or office level, we would also like to give businesses average data among other stores in their industry so they can compare and contrast.

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