In light of important social issues today, we believe that consumers should be empowered with knowledge to make socially conscious decisions.

What it does

Sustaina-Scan is a chrome plug-in that uses the chrome.tabs API to allow users to check the company's ethical/sustainable goals quickly when online shopping.

How I built it

We researched chrome extension building and began by building the visual for Sustaina-Scan. We continued to make it interactive by adding abilities to search for specific sites or grab the company of the site you are on. You can also get more information about a company by pressing "read more".

Challenges I ran into

We ran into issues with finding a data set to work with that described or ranked the sustainability or ethics of the production process of companies. Our other issues included learning how to work with Chrome extensions and navigating scripts and files to produce an informative experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The whole thing :)

What I learned

Capitalism has ruined free data and that is sad. Also none of us had ever built a chrome extension before so there was a big learning curve for all of us!

What's next for Sustaina-Scan

Future steps include web scraping data or building a database that relies on user contributions.

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