Need of sustainability in cities

ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS This is one of the major concerns that our world is facing nowadays. It can be related to cutting down trees, limiting supplies, exploiting natural resources, etc.

POLLUTION is a very common problem which we all are aware of. The ozone layer is damaged. To save our planet, we need to promote self-sustainability and self-sufficiency. Our purpose is to promote a greener and healthier environment.

What it does


With respect to the above-mentioned problem, I will be building a live working model on eco-friendly residential apartments with excellent use of below mentioned traditional and new technologies. I will be using straw between the two walls of the house, geothermal heating and cooling and heating systems, use of home automation techniques for reducing lighting and power consumption, sprinklers for no wastage of water, installation of solar panels at the apartment roof for use of solar energy. Now how can these be useful:

Straw could be a critical part of the transition towards a low-carbon future. Straw is also a low-cost material. If we use more and more straw in buildings, we will be creating a natural carbon storage bank. Now Straw can be used between the two normal mortar _brick walls of the house, it can be packed between the walls Insulation in between outer and inner wall can be packed with straw This combination of walls with straw in between them will provide thermal regulation, meaning that the residential apartments will be cool during summer and straw will absorb heat in winter. Increasing the amount of thermal insulation is the main component of preventing energy loss.

Geothermal Heating and cooling systems A liquid, which is water with refrigerant mixed in, is pumped through a pipe underground. The ground temperature, which naturally stays at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, absorbs heat or emits heat to the fluid, depending on the season, and is pumped through a heat pump in your home. During the winter the fluid will absorb the heat of the earth and pump warm air inside your home. When the summer comes, the heat inside your home will be absorbed by the liquid, transferred, and pumped outside, leaving your home cooler.


Excellent use of (internet of things) to make home and room automation efficient.

Monitoring Energy Usage

I will be making an automatic dough to chapatti maker as a kitchen automation technique

The first time I will be introducing a zero electronics parking system in my model

Working on these 8 high-performance green building ideas

controlling the lights, fan, and other appliances from your smartphone

Safety and Security

Designing and constructing a safe, secure apartment is a primary goal for me. I will consider different issues, such as improved indoor air quality, electrical safety, ergonomics, and accident prevention. Resisting natural hazards may often require special maintenance and equipment.

There should be minimal intervention in nature from our side. My policy is to build the house without disturbing the trees and water bodies. The direction of the wind and natural light are studied to reduce the use of ACs, fans, and heaters in the house.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

"Building eco-friendly houses is not a want anymore, it is a need. Around 40 percent of the greenhouse gases are released by construction activities, considering the huge volumes of energy required to build and sustain the houses. Lifestyle modification is needed to prevent water crises and floods."

What's next for Sustain-The-Home

Making cities sustainable means creating career and business opportunities, safe and affordable housing, and building resilient societies and economies. It involves investment in public transport, creating green public spaces, and improving urban planning and management in participatory and inclusive ways.

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