• To provide users with a application that allows them to submit reports about any suspicious activities they see without the fear of filing a police report. (False police reports are subject to fines hence the fear.)

What it does

  • Allows users to submit suspicion reports that police can view and see the location of the report. The report will contain information for the officer to view as well as contact information of the submitter. Police can then investigate on their free time and check it off if there is nothing to worry about.

How we built it

  • Used android studio for the first time and used Java as the programming language to handle everything seen in the app.

Challenges we ran into

  • Understanding the syntax, how activities are handled with android devices, and our database didn't work properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We made of working app in 2.5 days.

What we learned

  • Basic knowledge of android studio, databases, front end/back end, app design.

What's next for Suspicion Snitch

  • Make the database work, implement location with map display, improve UI, implement security, better account management, reward system for history of positive reports, span to different Operating Systems.

Built With

  • andriod-studio
  • love
  • sweat
  • tears
  • thepoweroffriendship
  • java
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