Learn about and explore a variety of Canadian sustainability initiatives! Whether you're looking for renewable energy sources, ocean initiatives, waste recycling, or eco-friendly food and products, susFilter has it!

This filter was made using a combination of Figma and SparkAR. This took like tops like 2 hours to make, most of which was spent recording so this isn't really my best work. I chose to make a filter because it takes advantage of one of the easiest ways to share information - social media - and is rather accessible no matter where you are. It's easy to skim, digest, and do your own research if you truly are curious about it.

I used Figma's component feature to create cohesive-looking cards, and SparkAR to slap everything together at 3am.

Includes 20+ initiatives that I painstakingly researched and summarized.

the name

sus(tainability) filter!! it's amazing i know :)

Built With

  • figma
  • sparkar
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