What does SusEats do/can do?

SusEats is a web & mobile application that aims to solve food waste/shortage and to support communities by making our way of living more sustainable!

SusEats allows local restaurants to create decentralized auctions for foods with close expiry dates that they would otherwise throw away. Then, individuals (or institutions) can bid to buy up this food through SusEats.

Would you like to get a quick and cheap dinner while aiding your local restaurants? Would you like to buy up food to donate to local shelters/charities? Do you want to flip almost-expiring foods to make a quick buck? Well, look no further than SusEats!

Help yourself and your community by eating SUStainably!!!

How & who built SusEats?

We divided the development process into 4 parts.

Drew has created our web ui using React JS, and Material UI, integrating the backend & blockchain commands to function inside the UI, creating our initial wireframes, and logo.

Muntaser used MongoDB & Google Cloud Functions to deal with our user generated data, and integrated numerous APIs into our web application.

Ebtesam has created our mobile application through React Native, and ensured its functionality by connecting it to our backend servers.

Olsen has dealt with setting up a local Ganache blockchain, writing the auction smart contracts (and deploying it with Truffle), and connecting our web-ui to the blockchain with the EthersJS library.

Mage AI

We used Mage AI to create a rankings system that would recommend auctions to the user based on food preferences, budget, and location. We scraped reviews from ratings websites to get the data to train the model, and then made a list of sentiment analyses reviews using spacy. Lastly, we used Mage AI to host this curated list and then rank it.


The part we are most proud of in SusEats is how many features we were able to implement in such a small amount of time, and still keep everything functional.

We have a functioning solidity auction contract that you can interact with through our web app inside a local Ganache blockchain (Could be switched to a testnet/mainnet with a few parameters, we kept it as a local blockchain for fast transactions).

The process for creating and bidding for an auction is as usable as it is aesthetic and visually pleasing. We hope that you take the time to clone our repo, and try out our web app!


We believe that this is the category where SusEats shines. SusEats is a web & mobile application created by students from all over the East Coast (Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida) and is composed of 18 unique technologies ranging from Solidity to Google Cloud Functions.

We have incorporated concepts such as Machine Learning, and Decentralized Auctioning into one complete application to achieve our goal to solve food waste/shortage and to support communities by making our way of living more sustainable!


We are pretty self-aware. Auctions are not a novel concept. Neither is selling food online, even Amazon does it with Amazon groceries. Not to mention decentralized NFT auctions...

So, why is our idea innovative and revolutionary? Why should you give us full points on creativity?

If you were to google "food auctions", there isn't a SINGLE website as user-friendly and functional as SusEats.

Even if we leave out functionality, there isn’t a SINGLE website that aims to match near-expiring food with consumers through an auctioning system based on location.

This is where SusEats comes in! We are doing something that has never been done before, and we believe that our idea could potentially be a part to solving a massive and significant problem that is food shortage.


I mean, our web application speaks for itself! Still, a little braggin' never hurt anybody :).

Our design lead Drew has done an amazing job making our web interface flawless thanks to the Material-UI React component library. From the animated gradient homepage background to our auctions page, everything in our project is as polished as a hackathon project can be!

Oh, did you notice our amusing project name and logo? Believe it or not, it also took us a good amount of time to come up, haha!

Tools we used

Blockchain Tools

  • MetaMask
  • Solidity
  • Ganache
  • Truffle
  • EthersJS

Backend Tools

  • Google Cloud Functions
  • MongoDB
  • Python
  • Postman


  • Mage AI
  • Yelp API
  • Google Places API
  • Google Maps API
  • Twilio API

Mobile & Web App

  • React Native
  • React JS (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Implied :) )
  • Material UI

Version Control & Package Manager

  • GitHub
  • Yarn

Built With

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