We wanted to help tackle climate and sustainability problems by producing an intelligent sustainable recipe recommender that takes into account how near your ingredients are to expiry to reduce food wastage.

What it does

It's a voice assistant that helps you reduce waste and live more healthy.

How We built it

The back end was built in Python, and the front-end should be in HTML. We used GTTS for the synthetic voice, and our own custom data analysis and scoring functions to bring the best results.

Challenges I ran into

Untidy database and the nuances of numpy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The scoring function works quite well, and returns appropriate results.

What I learned

Difficult to work with a large non-numeric database.

What's next for SUSAN

Scale up the system, add some ML functionality to learn user's tastes and further develop the front end. Also possibly use speech recognition for hands-free use while cooking.

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