Ever gotten enticed by a free Discord Nitro link, only to realise that you have been tricked into listening to "Never Gonna Let Your Down" by Rick Astley?

What it does

Upon the creation of a link, our SUS URL Shortener (SUS) stores it in the database. When you share the link with your friends, SUS immediately sends a 200 Response with the relevant metadata that you have input, then redirects to the "surprise" link. Social media apps like Discord and Facebook will render your link preview based on the metadata sent, but your friends will be tricked.

That's not it! SUS also stores the sessions of your friends. You can input up to 6 surprise links and choose for the routing to be either "CYCLE" or "RANDOM". If your friends thought it may be a technical problem at first, they will be tricked multiple times, into multiple sites. (Isn't that evil?)

Other than being a good source of pranks, SUS is still a useful utility feature. Want to surprise your Mom with a Mother's Day YouTube playlist? SUS does the job. Want to surprise your date with a secretly-booked movie ticket? SUS does the trick.

Press to get a glimpse of the power of SUS! Click the link multiple times for multiple surprises!

How we built it

We built it with Sapper and Express.js for the frontend and backend, with Prisma as the database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the hackathon with a fully functional prototype!

What's next for SUS URL Shortener

More data can be stored in the meta, for example custom made QR code, Gifs, preview of videos etc.

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