• I think that we took a pretty conventional path to think of some of the current world problems at the time of brainstorming, and because our interests alined for this idea and thought about the application to the prize tracks, we chose to build this website for the project. This is also inspired by the non-healthy and non-sustainable eating habits that we see have encountered around us.

What it does:

  • Although it currently just a prototype and a template which does not include any function except for the pages/text and buttons, we had visualitzed it to be a website where it would first promote some environmental information, then house a "calculator" on another page, which would take some of the user's information, and compile to give output different meal suggestions that would make the minimum impact upon the environment while also considering the user's health conditions.
  • (We are assuming that the person would be ok with eating a variety of foods)

How I built it:

  • Our group had built the website with mostly HTML, with a little bit of CSS and Javascript, forming a 5:1 ratio. We had initially used a boiler template of another website but changed the page designs to be our own.

Challenges I ran into:

  • Most of our team was new to HTML, CSS, and Javascript so we ran into multiple issues like formatting with CSS, and connecting multiple pages to Github Pages and customizing our domain name with Because of our beginner level, our team worked mostly off of Qoom, as it allowed everyone to edit at the same time, but there were several times where there was a delay in the loading of the page so it was a frustrating tool to work with.

Accomplishments that I’m proud of:

  • For me, I think that I'm just proud that we were able to complete the website because I am very new to HTML, however I was able to figure out some syntax and elements of HTML along working with my teammates, who are definitely more knowledgable in HTML than I am.
  • Another aspect of accomplishment was in the sense of perseverance, as we did not give up on annoying bugs and formatting, but kept on working on them, fixing them in the end. Which was very satisfying in the process.

What I learned

  • Learned how to connect a domain name (CNAME, A) in with Github pages.
  • Learned how to code and debug in HTML, CSS, and Javascript as a team using Qoom
  • Learned how and when to ask for help when necessary

What’s next for Sus(tainable) Eating

  • Since currently the website is still a prototype template, one goal that would be next is the full implementation of its functions, potentially bringing in use of AI algorithms with can understand the text that is typed in, then selecting appropriate foods from an implemented database. A bug that will be fixed is the aligning of the profiles on the main (index.html) page.
  • The impact we are trying achieve is: through a large user base, users will be able to easily obtain meal suggestions based on their weight/health data, and what is also good for the environment at the same time. Resulting in a lesser demand for food that is damaging to the environment and the user themselves.

  • github repo:

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