The problem we Los Angeles citizens face daily, but sadly overlook, is our popular desensitization toward low-quality of life and lack of desire for higher living standards. In UCLA’s research project, “2015 Environmental Report Card for Los Angeles County,” the urban hotspot received a C+ overall grade. Stephanie Pincetl, PhD., argues “Part of what this report confirmed is that if there’s no federal law requiring baselines and improvement, we aren’t determining baselines or setting targets for improvement.” Creators of SUS found that lack of federal regulation are additionally hindered by the lack of citizen engagement and inconvenient accessibility to transparent city information.

US, short for 'sustain,' aims to help the Los Angeles community engage in green efforts by acting as a source of insight on areas of LA that engage in unwanted acts of harmful environmental practices. By increasing awareness of attention-deprived areas, SUS's mission is to achieve environmental justice.

Though an international hotspot, the quality of living in the City of Angels is far from paradise. Citizens are so accustomed to living in an unsustainable environment that fail to notice that it affects their everyday lives. SUS strongly believes in the beautification and wellness of the city and its people.

Taking data from the Los Angeles Mayor’s office, SUS, short for sustain, acts as a source of data-driven insight that sheds light on areas of Los Angeles that engage in unwanted acts of environmental unsustainability. Users are able to use markers to indicate unsustainable areas in LA that need both government and community attention. Maps will be saveable and shareable on Facebook to increase awareness.

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