Inspiration --> State farm challenge prompt. Heard horror stories of flood victims trapped for days on end.

What it does --> It essentially packages information into a neat little bundle for rescue authorities to use to help search for the victims. The info is basically just location and user provided pictures, but the end goal was to focus on organization, as in such high magnitude catastrophes that are natural disasters, there are a lot of moving parts and a centralized management structure would be great in increasing rescue efficiency. On the user end, the user sees their own location on google maps, as well as clickable news headers on the disaster status. The app has a built in camera prompt and is intended to store photos temporarily to be sent to local authorities.

How we built it --> This was the tricky part, as my partner and I are novices and have little experience outside of just learning raw languages. We built it by cooperatively researching and studying android studio, then each worked the project in slightly different directions in small steps to refine our plan and progress.

Challenges we ran into --> Our biggest challenge was our lack of knowledge. Our goal all along was to make an app because in this day and age everyone has access to phones. However, neither of us have any app building experience, so that was a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of --> Our progress in the app was not very far at our, but we're still proud of our progression of knowledge and ability to traverse foreign coding terrain.

What we learned --> Android studio, collaborative coding, coordination

What's next for Survivor --> We need to finish it.

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