The inspiration for this project was the large amount of time spent researching what the weather would be like along the trip route and figuring the timing of the trip.

What it does

SurviveTheDrive give an overlay to google maps that shows what the weather will be like along the route at the time you will be at that point.

How we built it

The accuweather API calls and database insertion is done with a python script called from the php pages of the website. Everything is stored in the database, so when we get the car app working, you can easily create a route on your computer and pull it up inside your card. The web server is running using AWS Elastic Beanstalk configured for a PHP server, and we are using AWS RDS to host a mySQL database.

Challenges we ran into

We mostly ran into a time challenge. Several of our group were novice programmers, so quite a bit of time was spent figuring out how to program.

What's next for SurviveTheDrive

Next, we would create a GM app so that the app could be used while on the road, and would refresh in real time to show you what the route will be like. In addition, we would add functionality for the program to suggest a clear route, or show notifications based on changes.

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