Covid 19 presented the challenge of virtual learning which, combined with already difficult courses being taught online, created a growing need for online tools to aid in overcoming the challenge of e-learning, one being how high school students have become extremely isolated. One of our members started a group chat designated for an AP course, where they discussed questions and quizzed each other, constantly sending photos of their work and learning from each other. We decided to implement that into an app entirely dedicated to this idea of building on other’s ideas, discussion, and also providing tools to help you stay afloat in this whirlpool of a chaotic virtual high school experience. We strive to solve some of the problems Covid-19 has presented to our young population with the coding skills that we have. This is a high school study groups app for high school students in virtual education to connect with classmates and maintain the quality of education of in-person learning while being socially distanced.

What it does

One of our main features is study groups. Construct either public or private study groups (require invites with your classmates) and quiz each other with multiple-choice questions while in a live group chat. Groups will also be suggested to you based on your profile similarity with other users using an algo involving cosine similiarty. Also, get verified in a subject by taking a short quiz, which will then show online course suggestions to be made to you to deepen your understanding of that topic.

If your study groups don't have an answer to something, or you just want to learn more, you can utilize another feature, the forum! SurviveHS provides a forum for you to post all your questions, which also has an upvote/downvote and comment feature. Once you receive an answer that works, you can select that answer as correct so that later, people with the same question will know the answer with a little bit of quick digging.

Additionally, we have two school tools for you to use. One is an Image to notes feature where you can take a picture of handwritten notes, or a teacher’s whiteboard, and turn it into text for you to paste to your online notes. SurviveHs also provides a feature that allows you to record a lecture or class from a teacher and turns the recording into bullet point notes. On zoom calls, it’s not easy to reach out to the teacher, so we added this feature, not for laziness, but instead for students to better understand the material by making sure they don’t miss anything, especially because e-learning can be distracting.

How we built it

We used Firebase for authentication and as our database, react native with expo-cli as our frontend, and node js as a firebase cloud function for some of our backend features.

Challenges we ran into

Features like saving an audio recording locally so that it could be uploaded to google cloud apis couldn't be done with just react native so we added node js firebase functions to accommodate some other features too like web scraping course era for suggested courses.

What we learned

Pay attention to detail from the beginning so that we won't lose motivation for the project. Be precise so that the code won't get way too messy so it is all manageable. Trust in our teammates to provide, and focus on what we're doing and our strengths so that we can work at maximum speed.

What's next for SurviveHS

We will continue to implement features, such as adding video calling, an equation solver, and will receive user feedback from our high school. A wider selection of courses will be provided as well for the forum, subject verification, and creating groups.

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