We have seen frequently that helping tendency and unity among the countries are reduced and even if some people are ready to help but they don't know, what the problem that the person had at the time. This is the

What it does

This mobile application is an AI integrated Blockchain app. This app acts as an intermediator between the people who are asking the help or the people who are ready to help. The UI is powered by Map based fields and backend is powered by Graph based fields. The AI algorithm like sentimental and Naive bayes algorithm is used in the backend of mobile app. The working model, If a person need an any help like medical emergency or cops emergency(theft, Illegal activity, etc....) they can open this mobile app and enter their problem as an help request by tagging their location. Once the help request is done, The help was sent to the algorithm , then the algorithm will Decide whether the Problem is related to Medical emergency or cops emergency . Once the source ( medical or cops) will decided by algorithm , the help request is sent to the source and also the help request is also sent the near by people who are having this mobile app and make them to solve the problem easily. The user who are ready to help can see the request person's location and help on map based fields. On additionally , When the user install this mobile app, accidental finder package will download and this app can have interface among the Gyroscope in the mobile . Once the person met in an accident, Suddenly the mobile get shake, the gyroscope sensor will get vibrate. if gyroscope will get vibrate , This app gave some questions to the user by vibrating the mobile. If the user can't answer the question for 1 minute, Then this mobile app will consider this is an accident and sent to near by cops station and medical centers. For the user convenient, The speech to text (NLP) is used because some persons can't able to type their problem , so they can open this app and choose speech and can talk , then it converts speech to text in any language and sent to the algorithm

How we built it

We have built with Flutter, Tensorflow for algorithm purpose.

Challenges we ran into

At first we have difficult to the segregate the type of problem and sending the notification to the esteemed source. But we have worked rectify that bug.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully completed the algorithm part and get a exact output for the problem, we have achieved the milestone by training the Dataset.

What we learned

We have learnt to work with the tensorflow , developing the app and training dataset.

What's next for SURVIVE FOR HELP

We want to launch this product, then we get more real time data and train this algorithm more and more for greater accurancy

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