Script Survival

An engaging game to teach beginners how to read documentation


Barely functional, a century its time, the robot Qwerty initializes on a desolate barren world. With most of its memory lost or corrupted, you play as Qwerty as it explores the environment around itself and rebuilds its own code. Traveling through the environment the player/Qwerty acquires additional skills and techniques intended to teach and improve the user's understanding of basic programming techniques and continue to develop skills up to reading and understanding API and documentation. Script Survival was created at Purdue's Hello World 2019 24 hour Hackathon to teach beginners how to code and read documentation in a fun and engaging manner. We believe many learning resources lack an easy on ramp and don't actually continue to teach you advanced coding techniques. We are a team of gamers and were inspired by our childhood of playing retro-games. All of the member of the team learned something throughout the project. Over half the team didn't know JavaScript going into the project and none of our members have previously integrated React, Electron, and Phaser. This presented us with a steep learning curve at the start of the projects and it took several hours to get the initial integration. We are proud Survival Script and hope you enjoy out game.(more updates to come)


  • Nicolas Newman - UI Implementation, Redux Managment - NicolasNewman
  • Avanish Subbiah - Game World and Movement, Tilesets and maps - avanishsubbiahs
  • Maxwell Low - API/Tutorial Interface, Game Design - maxlow11
  • Justin Qualley - Game Design, Game Logic, etc - justinqualley
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