Survival Reflector is the project I worked on during cuHacking; my first hackathon. I am not that experienced in programming, so I prioritized learning new concepts during. Since I am comfortable with working in Java, I decided to learn its GUI component and create a game using it.

What it does

A ball will bounce around inside a frame and the goal is to not let the ball touch the bottom of the frame by controlling a panel to reflect the ball back. However, each time the ball touches the panel, the size of the frame decreases, therefore decreasing the time the player has to react to the ball.

How I built it

Using Java and its GUI components.

Challenges I ran into

Since I have never utilized the GUI component of Java, the challenge itself was learning the GUI codes and how they interact with the normal Java code. It was difficult learning all the functions of various syntax and to create an interactive game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can successfully say that I will be able to incorporate the JAVA GUI syntax and concepts I learned during cuHacking in future projects.

What I learned

GUI syntax and how to create a mini game using JAVA.

What's next for Survival Reflector

  • Implement levels requiring the player to accomplish a goal before advancing
  • Increase the speed of the ball as the level increases
  • Introduction screen before game starts

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