We were looking for a way to integrate our information into our day to day lives with the goal of saving money or improving productivity.

What it does

The user enters in a monetary goal and a max limit to their spending, which should never be achieved. The website then estimates the daily cost of running the HVAC system at home and plots the point onto a chart over the span of a month with the final point being the goal. A trend line is created from the goal point and the most recent nest data point. The Nest system will then automate the temperature to save money.

How I built it

blood, sweat, and tears Python programs with a flask framework to interact with the Nest home automation hardware. We pull bills from the potential user's account using the Capital One API. The user can view their spending progress using the beautiful python graphs.

Challenges I ran into

Problems with permissions on Microsoft Azure initially creating a repository with GitHub

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning a whole new web framework This country

What I learned

"Mostly about myself" -Nick Co

What's next for Survivable Habitats

Having more of the backend working but the website is beautiful.

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